Translation Services

My name is Ruben Grest and I have several years of experience providing professional Japanese-to-German translations for anime, spanning more than 1000 episodes across 70+ titles (more details below). My translations emphasize natural sounding language with high sensibility to accuracy, nuance, and readability to provide an excellent reading experience.  I am intimately familiar with the entire process of subtitle creation from spotting to editing and quality assurance in various file formats, including ASS and SRT.

I am also available for translations and possibly editing and proofreading of

  • manga
  • video games
  • movies
  • live-action series
  • books (fiction and non-fiction)
  • magazine articles
  • booklets
  • interviews
  • other related material
  • English-to-German translations

During my career, I have translated both prestige works like Mamoru Hosoda’s BELLE and niche series spanning a variety of genres, using the language best suited for the setting and target audience. Several of my translations have been adapted into dubs available online, on TV, and on disc.

For translation inquiries or questions, feel free to contact me using the form below or at rubengrest [at] gmail [dot] com. I will usually get back to you within 24 hours.


List of Translations (Selection)

Anime & live-action (simulcast, streaming, disc release):

Books & manga translated: